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Toyota Warning Lights & What They Mean

Photo of vehicle interior presenting Instrument cluster with visible illuminated red and yellow indicators of ABS warning lamp, Stability Control(ESP) indicator, Passenger Airbag Indication, Malfunction Indicator lamp, Oil pressure warning lamp.

While traversing the Thomasville roads, you may notice some lights that show up on your dashboard. Toyota dashboard warning lights can mean a variety of different things and can point to issues both minor and severe. Luckily, the service department at Valdosta Toyota has put together a handy guide to help you decipher some of the Toyota car dash symbols, so you know what to do when you see them. Learn all about the different Toyota dashboard symbols with Valdosta Toyota.

battery light icon

Charging System Warning Light

This may be an uncommon Toyota car warning light, but this light indicates a malfunction in your Toyota vehicle’s charging system.

ABS light icon

ABS Warning Light

This Toyota warning symbol shows that there are issues with the anti-lock braking system (ABS).

cruise control light icon

Cruise Control Indicator

This is just a Toyota dashboard sign that isn’t anything serious like a check engine light. This symbol just indicates that your cruise control is on while you’re driving the Tallahassee roads.

oil pressure light

Low Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light

The low engine oil pressure comes on when the oil pressure in your engine is too low. When this light comes on, you’ll want to schedule a service to get your oil changed.

Low fuel level warning

Low Fuel Level Warning Light

The actual amount will depend on the certain Toyota vehicle, but this light will come on when your vehicle’s fuel level is significantly low.

security indicator

Security Indicator

This signal flashes when the key is removed from your engine and alerts you that the security system is operating. For Toyota vehicles with a Smart Key system, this light will flash after engine start/stop switch has been turned off.

SRS warning

SRS Airbag Indicator

This light will come on if there is a front seat passenger and will let you know that the airbag system is turned on.

tire pressure

Tire Pressure Warning Light

The tire pressure warning light will come on to indicate to you that your vehicle’s tires have low air pressure.

trac off

TRAC Off Indicator

When you turn off your Toyota vehicle’s TRAC system, this light will indicate that the system is indeed turned off.

turn signal

Turn Signal Indicator

When you’re using your turn signals when driving through Albany, this light will automatically turn on to show the turn signals are working.

VSC off

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) Off Indicator

When you turn off the VSC system in your Toyota vehicle, this light will come on to indicate the system is off.

slip indicator

Slip Indicator

This light will come on if the TRAC systems indicate the vehicle is in danger of slipping.

check engline light icon

Check Engine Light

When this Toyota car indicator symbol shines on your dash, you should take your vehicle in for a service visit, as this could be one of many service issues both minor and severe.

Windshield washer fluid level light on car dashboard. 3D rendered illustration.

Low Washer Fluid Warning Light

If your washer fluid level is low, this light will show up on your Toyota dashboard.

hand turn on light switch in car

Headlight Indicator

This is an automatic Toyota warning light that comes on when any of your headlights happen to turn on after starting your vehicle.

EPS light icon

EPS Warning Light

This Toyota dash indicator light will come on if there is a problem with your electric power steering (EPS) system.

Headlight indicator

High-Beam Headlight Indicator

This light switches on when you turn on your high-beam headlights or brights.

Check Your Toyota Warning Lights with Valdosta Toyota

If any of the warning lights come on in your Toyota vehicle, visit Valdosta Toyota to quickly diagnose and take care of the problem. Whether you see Toyota Corolla dashboard lights come on or lights in any Toyota model, be sure to contact us to schedule quick and reliable service, so you can get back to cruising Valdosta safely.

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