#HuntFor100 Sales Event

The #HuntFor100 Sales Event is here at Valdosta Toyota! We have exceeded our new vehicle sales objective for 99 consecutive months, and April is our chance to make history and hit 💯!

So we are continuing in the Easter🐰and Spring🌸 spirit with the #HuntFor100: we have 100 Easter eggs packed with 100 discount vouchers (📢 with UP TO $2,000 OFF❗️) in 100 of our vehicles on the lot right now… if you drive, love, and purchase a vehicle with one of those eggs in it, you get that special discount voucher applied to your deal.

And don’t forget about special financing, military/college grad rebates, 90-day payment deferral programs, and the $3,000 of added value you get with the Valdosta Toyota Advantage… I mean, come on… it doesn’t get any better. 🤑

So come see all of the surprises your vehicle has in store, this month only, and ONLY at Valdosta Toyota!

*Vouchers cannot be combined with other offers. Valid through 5/3/21. See dealer for details.